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One-On-One Coaching

Nothing prepares leaders for the enormity of their responsibility and the weighty knowledge that they cannot afford to make mistakes. Mike’s client-centric approach focuses on the needs of the client both as a leader and as an individual. Coaching addresses the real issues facing executives, offering CEOs a testing ground on which they can develop and strengthen the decision-making, communication, and leadership skills that are so vital to their organizations’ future.

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Sales Coaching

Sales organizations and sales managers are a unique component of the success of a company. Without sales, nothing happens. So ensuring that sales people are performing at their peak, is the highest priority in a company. Training, coaching, and mentoring of key sales managers and sales reps is crucial to success. Mike Harden has decades of experience in sales and sales management, and often coaches sales organizations to higher levels of success.

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Advisory Board Membership

​An important strategy for a growing organization is to have solid, experienced advisors available to provide guidance, ask tough questions, and give unbiased advice. Mike Harden sits on numerous advisory boards, and draws upon his four decades of business and leadership experience to deliver world-class advice for organizations that need more expertise and knowledge than they currently collectively possess.

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Behavioral Coaching

Situations arise where executives and managers display behavior that is counter-productive to the efficiency and productivity of the organization. Examples may be behaviors like: being condescending to subordinates, not getting along with peers, not being a team player, pushing back too hard on initiatives, and many others. Coaching can help these executives get back on track and learn ways to modify their behavior.

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​“Death by meeting” is an avoidable, and curable, affliction suffered by virtually every organization. Rather than leaving participants recharged, invigorated, and sure of their direction, too often, meetings drain the energy everyone in the room. Mike Harden offers facilitation and training that will transform meetings into productive, upbeat sessions that drive business objectives and engage employees and executives alike.

The value of facilitation is having an external expert direct the meeting(s) and give those usually charged with running them the chance to participate. With the pressure off, they can learn from and with the group. Mike’s upbeat style encourages participation, while his zero-tolerance policy for rambling ensures that time is used to everyone’s best advantage.

By utilizing the techniques that Mike models in these sessions, executives can implement more productive, streamlined meetings in their workplace.

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Strategic Planning

Organizations today are under extreme short-term pressure to perform and their management teams find themselves unable to plan for more than a quarter or two. Mike’s expertise in strategic management (the ongoing approach to strategic planning) plays an invaluable role in focusing companies on the long-term objectives necessary to remain successful in a highly competitive world.

Developing a strategic plan is the easiest part of the process. Most companies that fail strategically do so in the execution of the plan, not on the formulation of the plan. For this reason, Mike stresses the importance of execution and implementation, and provides the guidance and tools to manage the process through successful completion.

"Executive coaches are not for the meek. They're for people who value unambiguous feedback. All coaches have one thing in common; it's that they are ruthlessly results-oriented."